Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vintage Finds: Bar Cart!

Greg and I have been searching high and low for a while for a vintage bar cart and we finally found one the other day. Well, Greg found it while I was in a meeting but it was found! This bar cart is actually what they call a warming cart, a plug can be attached and the top will heat like a hot plate. We removed the cord and kept the glass top which looks kind of neat and plus when you are making drinks and you spill easy clean up. The only problem was when we brought it home we had a hard time making it fit nice in our space with out looking like a soar thumb, so we removed our end table and placed our lamp on the cart, now it doubles as an end table! Another fun idea to create a mini bar in your home if you don't want a huge cart in your house is to find a large rimmed tray and set up service for one or two of your favorite drinks, which you can keep out or store away when you are not having a party. Any ways make yourself a martini, happy summer and cheers! Xox, Lka

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