Monday, June 6, 2011

Pizza Party!!

   "Hey what's a matta' wit you?" That seemed like a good opener to this post about the amazing pizza party that we had over at my good friends Terry and Elizabeth's house last night. Terry has been really into the blog The Food in my Beard and had been reading up on the pizza oven that this blogger had previously made, which totally sparked this night to happen. I know he also played around with the dough and sauce recipes which I do not have but you can find simple recipes on the interwebs! Now that's Terry presenting our first pizza out of the oven in an Italian stands, we were all pretty proud that it came out looking like a pizza! But the taste was out of this world! Terry had been slaving away making all the pizza dough and homemade sauce so when we came over all we had to bring were toppings. The trick we found to a good pizza is the oven has to be insanely hot like 500 degrees and you need an awesome pizza peal and stone (in the oven), also you need to flour everything so the dough slides on to the stone nice and smooth. Pointer number two is if you make your own sauce don't put a lot of salt in it because when you add the cheese the slat factor goes up. Other then that just add good people a couple of bottles of wine and the godfather sound track and your pretty much ready to go!

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