Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY: Spiral Bound Notebook!

Last night I had an awesome opportunity to take a class on how to make spiral bound note books with Melissa Stewart of Crab Apple Designs at Green House Austin. Melissa is like a super craft woman, she makes the coolest note books and a million other things that are awesome, she sells her creations at Green House and also on etsy you might want just everything so brace yourself. So I have pretty much been holding on to this crazy Russian horticulture book for ever just waiting for my next project and it served perfect as the cover of my notebook.

The best thing about making your own notebook/sketchbook is that you can put what ever paper you want in to it and make it customized to your tastes. You might not be so lucky to have access to a spiral bounder but there are ton of other ways to make your own books. I love this project by Boy Girl Party. Make your self something awesome, cause you deserve it! Xo, Lka.


The Perfect Pear said...

woah so cool! i just might have to give this a try! soo pretty! :) im lauren by the way, its very nice to meet you Laura! :)

Laura K A said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Lauren, let me know how it turns out! Your blog is super cute, btw!