Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Few Notes: Reaching Goals

Ok, this might all sound a bit cheesy, but please hear me out. I have a really hard time setting goals and sticking with them as most people probably do. Lately I have been feeling that there are more and more things I want to accomplish in my life. Moving to Texas from NYC was a total change of pace, I no longer had my built in exercise of running/biking around the city which was replaced by driving around in my car. I had just been feeling unhealthy in general and decided that it was time to change my bad eating habits ( like grabbing Wendy's from down the street (I never ate fast food until I move to TX)) and take charge of an exercise regiment, which is hard when your broke and have no idea what to do! So I finally found a few things that worked for me working out at home to on my TV doing the Self Magazine work outs, (trust they have all been tested by me) and starting a yoga practice at our amazing Coop run yoga studio here in Austin (pay what you wish!!). So I was feeling pretty good but it can be a hard thing to stick with all of this when you can't see your progress, that is where the kindergarden star stickers set in! I know it sounds totally stupid but every time I exercises I put a star on my calendar and write what physical activity I did. Not only do you feel special (because you are 5 years old) but you also can visually see your progress. 
I would recommend this to any one even if your goals are learning to sew every thursday, teaching yourself to cook weeknights, or maybe you really hate doing laundry and every monday you lug your stuff to the laundry mat you get a star. I don't know sounds pretty great to me, maybe even every 20 stars you get ice cream (because your 5 years old) - or a martini night (because your 5 years old and also of legal drinking age). 
At any rate your goals are important so don't let yourself feel defeated, be the defeater!
Xox, Lka

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