Friday, June 24, 2011

DYI: Kitchen Organization Time! Washi Tape Labels!

Hey dudes today I am overhauling my kitchen! I like many are broke and also love to repurpose like every thing I own. I find it to be much more satisfying when I know that I can redesign my home with the tools I already have and save a pretty penny. So here is a mini tutorial on organizing and labeling bulked goods!

1. Get some Japanese Washi tape! What's that you ask?? It's that really cute tape you have been seeing every where; you can get it in a lot of craft and stationary stores now or buy it online here at Cute Tape.
I use Washi one because it's pretty and two because it peels off really easy without leaving a sticky mess, making it really easy to relabel your jars. You are going to love this tape I swear!

2. Get yourself a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point marker and write your jar contents on the tape! Make sure you use permanent markers otherwise your words will wipe right off your tape making you sad.

3. Gather all those collected / recycled jars hanging in the recycle bin or under your sink, yeah you know those guys. Wash the jars, making sure they are completely dry. Fill with your bulk spices, lentils, teabags, what have you and stick on your labels! Voila! 

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Magical Day Dream said...

I use the red-topped jam jars as well, I love them :)