Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cookbook Roundup

After viewing sfgirlbybay's post yesterday on the affordable art website 20x200 I was totally enamored with this print (above) by the artist Jane Mount that I found scouring the pages of 20x200 website. I totally need it for my kitchen don't you think? Anyway it got me thinking about how I have cooked from all most all of the cook books in the drawing above but I don't own that many cookbooks mainly because the Austin public library has such an amazing selection that I check out 2 or three books per week. (Insert national public library infomercial staring me here.) So this sparked me to take this photo below the photo below of my cookbook shelf! I have also listed the stables and random cookbooks that I own below. Enjoy! xox Lka.

1. The Joy of Cooking - (Duh!) By Rombauer, Becker, Becker
2. The Fannie Farmer Cookbook - Marion Cunningham
3. Veganomicon the Ultimate Vegan Cookbook- Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero
4. The Classic Italian Cook Book - Marcella Hazan 
5. Great Food Fast - Everyday Food
6. The Cooky Book - Betty Crocker


caitlin said...

I made something SO GOOD last night from Marcella Hazan—the zucchini gratin with tomatoes. I used basil instead of marjoram. Look it up!!

Laura K A said...

I will totally make this I just bought some zucchini, thanks for the suggestion on getting that book, it has been such a great learning tool!