Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anytime Healthy Comfort Food: Turkey Meatball Recipe

When Greg is on tour I usually sneak weird food in the house and indulge in guilty pleasures that I would not if I were around another person and when Greg is driving state to state is fast food intake is high to say the lest. Since he's been back home we have been trying to be more active in our house hold, no we are not dieting but trying to cut back and be healthy. Sounds familiar right? Well... it totally sucks when you just want to eat some comfort food, so I created this healthier version of spaghetti and meatballs last night and it was oh so simple and easy! Not to mention cheep which what I like! I did serve these with whole wheat spaghetti which would have been a bummer but the meatballs tasted awesome so I didn't notice.(Not that I think whole wheat pasta is bad, I eat it all the time, but when you want comfort food it can be well blah) Please try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

                 (Here we are hiking in Big Bend, so healthy, motivational shot people!)

Turkey Meatballs
Makes about 12-18 Meat Balls depending on how big you make them.

1.5 lb. Extra Lean Ground Turkey (any fat ratio will work)

1 Egg 

2 Garlic cloves minced or pressed

1/4 Cup of Store bought Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs

1/4 Cup Parmesan Cheese

1 Tablespoon Dried Basil

1 Tablespoon Dried Oregano

1/2 Tablespoon Salt

1/2 Tablespoon Pepper

1 Tablespoon Ketchup 

1 Jar Store Bought Tomato Sauce ( I like Newman's Own Sockarooni)

Preheat Oven to 350 degrees. Line a large baking dish (I use a 11x13 inch. Pyrex) with parchment paper or grease with a little bit of vegetable oil. In a large bowl combined all ingredients working with your hands to make sure everything is combined well. Once everything is combined well take a palm full of meat and gently roll it in to a ball trying not to pack it to hard in your hand, once your done place newly formed meatball in the baking dish and repeat until all the meat is gone. Meatballs should be about 4 inches wide try to make sure they are all about the same size so they bake evenly. Once your done making the meatballs cover with aluminum foil place in the oven and bake for about 20 mins. After 20 mins. remove aluminum foil and bake for another 10-15 mins until meat balls are slightly browned and no pink remains in the center of the meatball. Once they are cooked through remove them from the oven and let stand. 
While the meatballs are cooling slightly in a large pot over medium-low heat Tomato Sauce. Once sauce is warm add meatballs to the pot and coat them with the sauce. Serve in a sandwich or over spaghetti and enjoy!


Pamela said...
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rissawinkwink said...

I think I might try it with oatmeal subbed in for the breadcrumbs. FIBER!!!

Elizabeth said...

On my to try list!

Laura K A said...

Let me know how the oatmeal turns out!