Thursday, October 28, 2010

DIY: Fall Wreath Project

I have been really in to A Beautiful Mess's Tricks and Treats posts the last two weeks leading up to Halloween.When I saw this amazing Autumn Fabric Wreath by Elise Blaha I HAD to make it! It took no time at, a really easy and satisfying project. Happy Fall time!


LY said...

Oh my gosh, SO CUTE! I am now DETERMINED to try this...

May I ask where you got your fabrics? Were they leftovers that you already had, or did you buy them somewhere? (I'm not a fabric/sewer, so I don't have any laying around or anything)

Thanks, and again, SO CUTE! Nice work! :)
-Lesley of Words and Eggs

Laura K A said...

I had all of these fabrics laying around from left over projects! But if you go to Joanna's I'm sure you can get almost the same ones. I used about 5 different patterns!

elodimoitout said...

I made my own too, it's so easy! I love yours!
See you