Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Time.

I know I dropped off of the face of the blogging earth (sphere), but I've been having a great time doing it. A whole month Holiday for me. I went to school for my 10 days in Vermont (low-residency program MFA, if you where wondering what that means) which is filled with the other great wonderful people in my life that keep me going. Then I went down to Connecticut to hang out with my Grandmas, rents, and brother. After that I took an awesome trip to Maine to see a great friend and her new baby and family with 3 of my best girlfriends, and it was WONDERFUL.Then it was back down to Brooklyn for the weekend catching up with friends and soaking in the old Alma mater and bliss that I call NYC. This week I am back in Connecticut in preparation for one of my best-est friends weddings. We have been crafting and planning and it's looking like the event of the year, I am really excited for her! Any way here are some of my summer highlights.

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