Saturday, September 18, 2010

Snobby Joe's

So Greg and I are going vegan for a while to see if the diet does us good and so far it's working. The other night I made Snobby Joe's (sloppy joe's) from the all mighty Veganomicon a 101 guide to awesome vegan recipes good for your average or above average vegan and pretty much everyone else that likes good food in general. This recipe is made with lentils instead of meat. Of course we had a beer with it, you can see our Oh No Oh My beer cozies in the picture. Shameless self promotion in our house at all times Click here to buy your own! ;) ha ha. Any way, I also include a lame picture of my drying rack because I was thinking about how smalllll it is, but I will never get rid of it because I'll feel bad for some reason, maybe throwing out all that plastic. And there are my feet in my house flip flops attempting to step on to the kitchen mat in my PJ's to wash the dishes. I hate all you dishwasher owners. Have a good weekend!

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