Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cornucopia !

Today was my first official Farm house delivery! Farm House Delivery is a Austin based CSA. They deliver right to your door with a smile and a array of fresh locally grown produce. I am so excited because ever since leaving Brooklyn I have missed my lovely CSA pick up, (not the pick up part) but the lovely amazing feeling you get when you know that your food was picked right from the farm to your table at home. Greg and I have been so busy running around between work, studio, band practice, and squeezing in the time for our friends, cooking has been the last thing on to do list. I am starting a new job, new school and getting ready to pause and spend a lot of time at home working on art. It's nice to have the time and sanity to be able to cook again!

BTW those turnip greens are like the size of me... potluck any one?

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Scaredy said...

count me in, please. I want to hear about your new job!