Friday, April 24, 2009

Inspiration: Your Space

While on my weekly scavenger hunt through the Austin Public Library all things art and design I found this wonderful book titled " Your Space How to Put it Together for Practically Nothing" By Jon Naar and Mary Ellen Moore. The book was published in 1979 and pretty much goes in to peoples loft homes and tells you about the design secrets for less. I am totally in to this style maybe Its just fun to find comfort in the way things use to be. Or how easy it is to be industrious with found objects or things you already own if you put your mind to it.

" Debbie Barton divided her Bathroom into two rooms- one contains the tub, (left) the other houses the sink, toilet and toiletry articles. The door to the tub is a variation on the old barroom swinging doors, while a curtain attached to a dowel which hangs from the ceiling conceals the toilet area." p.117

" Monique Noe has a room with a view- a wall mural in restful shades. Her desk, a perfect corner fit, was cut from a piece of plywood, stained and polyurethaned." p.108

" Jan found the lantern (foreground) eight years ago and has carried it with him ever since. Other finds include the bedroom railing (part in his own loft, part on the street); the two supporting beams (in a friend's loft); the pine with panels the lower wall; the stained glass hanging from the right rear window; the dresser and bed, liberated from Jan's grandmother's estate. Debbie feels that her grandmother's quilt adds a touch of ancestry or roots to Jan's newer finds." p.65

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