Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trippin' 08

Hello I'm back from vaca and about to share some of my favorite things I spotted traveling around from Connecticut, Kansas City to Brooklyn, NY!

I went to a really cute engagement party for two of my best friends from growing up . Aimee made these really delicious almond flavored cup cakes from scratch. But what every one went crazy for was these chocolate A's to adorn the tops! She cleverly created them by printing out the letter put it behind wax paper and then with a pastry bag and melted chocolate made these little toppers. (Aimee and Adam get it? ok just checking.) Another thing I love besides seeing all my friends where these really great flower center pieces that were on all the tables at the barbecue.

When my family and I went to Kansas City for my cousin Robin's wedding we spent some time at the Nelson Atkins Museum which was pretty beautiful and awesome not to mention great architecture.

Baby Knoll chair!

Back in Brooklyn I hopped on the G train over to P.S.1. They have this amazing show up right now in there courtyard that I completely fell in love with called Young Architects Program 2008: P.F.1 (Public Farm One). Check it out for yourself!

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