Monday, August 4, 2008

The Stars Shine For You.

I started this little star sampler when I was living in Brooklyn a few months ago and I finally finished it. I love sewing and since I don't have a sewing machine here in Austin yet, of course all I want to do is sew. It's been fun to pick up something and work on it every now and then and don't have to worry when it will be finished. I was inspired by my grandmas quilt squares and little bits of folk art. Plus I have endless amount of colors in my embroidery floss box and wanted to make something that showed a bunch of those different colors. I also embroidered on muslin which is a cheap cotton that you can by at all fabric stores. With a embroidery hoop to aid me of course.

All I did was draw out the star I wanted to make in pencil and chain stitched over it. Chain stitch is basically making a stitch and bringing the needle back up through the stitch you just made from the back of the fabric like a chain get it? I also did some stars in a running stitch which is the dotted line stitch you see.

To finish of the star sampler wall hanging style what I did was fold over the edges twice and used straight pins to pin the sides in place. The next thing I did on the back was I slip stitched the seams closed which is a technique used to hem garments. You basically take the needle and go in to the fold and then pick up the other piece of fabric (the back side of the design) by making a very tiny stitch. After that I made two little loops of red embroidery floss and attached them to the back in order to hang the sampler on the wall.

And here it is hanging above Greg's book shelf in our bedroom. I hope this project inspires you to hand sew something. Um.... reach for the stars??

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