Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Flower Power

Sooooooo.... this is my very first post on our Two Laura's Blog! Laura W. and I have been talking about launching this blog all summer. We are excited to share ideas/design/art/crafts with you!

The most recent project I did was four different flower arrangements. I bought two bouquets of flowers from the grocery store and mixed and matched them in different containers all over my house. I spent a while trying to arrange a few of these beautiful little bouquets which can be a lot more finicky then they look. But all and all very therapeutic and fun (makes me want to move to Japan and go to school for flower arranging, maybe, but not really).

This arrangement I made for the bedroom. I used a recycled Pom tea glass!

I used a empty medicine container to make a mini arrangement on Greg's night stand.
which is very mini a cute.

For the living room I placed a bouquet of just yellow flowers in a jar on the t.v. tray.

And in the kitchen I put both flowers in a little mug on the table!

And the best part is these kind of flowers what every they are called lasted 2 full weeks and I only spent $8!! Cheap and cheery solution to beat the summer blues.

<3 Laura D.


Jen said...

Why are you Laura D and not Laura A?

Laura D and Laura W said...

Laura from Danbury thats what Laura wools calls me!

snot said...

Laura of Danbury