Wednesday, July 30, 2008

who can print? you can print!

So I'll let it be known that I've been in denial about starting to print again. I keep thinking about how I can print in my home with out ruining the water table and my health and not to mention with out buying a ton of supplies that I don't have money for right now. So, I went to the potato as a last resort (a sweet potato nonetheless) ,and as I do with any thing I make I struggled. I went through about 4 half's of potato till I got the hang of it. (I suggest drawing out your design before jumping the gun like me.) I ended up making a set of four cards and here is what you need to make it in your home!

-1 Big Potato
-Thick Paint or Speedball Acrylic Block Printing Ink
-Some Cheapo Wood Cutting Tools
-A Little Brayer (Optional)
-Paper / I used blank note cards
-Markers or something to color with
-Paper Plate or something to work your ink on

1. lay NEWS PAPER over your working surface (kitchen table works the best I find). lay out supplies.

2. Cut POTATO in half and draw design on to it. Cut out negative space with your little KNIFE.
You might want to try printing a few times to check if the shape looks right or if you need to cut any extra lines.

3. To start printing squeeze INK out on to paper plate. Now there are two ways to do this, one you could spread ink out as thin as you can with a knife and just stick the potato in it and try to print by just stamping the potato on your PAPER. I find this too sloppy for me so I pick up some ink on the BRAYER and roll it out on to the news print so I have a flat film covering my brayer and then roll it over my image on my potato. then press the potato down to the paper in a repeated pattern.

Tip: You can only make a print twice before the ink fades out and you need to re-ink your 'tato. Or you can use this to your advantage by making a fade out design!

4. Once your done set your prints aside to dry about 15-20 mins. (or if you live in Texas like me 10mins.) Clean your brayer of with dish soap and hot water. Gather that newspaper and paper plate and throw away.(If your done printing).
When your done drying your prints go in and add hand coloring if you want. On my prints I used water color MARKERS to color in the interiors of my shapes.

5. Looks like your done! You made a potato print!

<3 Laura D./ K. A.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Flower Power

Sooooooo.... this is my very first post on our Two Laura's Blog! Laura W. and I have been talking about launching this blog all summer. We are excited to share ideas/design/art/crafts with you!

The most recent project I did was four different flower arrangements. I bought two bouquets of flowers from the grocery store and mixed and matched them in different containers all over my house. I spent a while trying to arrange a few of these beautiful little bouquets which can be a lot more finicky then they look. But all and all very therapeutic and fun (makes me want to move to Japan and go to school for flower arranging, maybe, but not really).

This arrangement I made for the bedroom. I used a recycled Pom tea glass!

I used a empty medicine container to make a mini arrangement on Greg's night stand.
which is very mini a cute.

For the living room I placed a bouquet of just yellow flowers in a jar on the t.v. tray.

And in the kitchen I put both flowers in a little mug on the table!

And the best part is these kind of flowers what every they are called lasted 2 full weeks and I only spent $8!! Cheap and cheery solution to beat the summer blues.

<3 Laura D.