Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spot light on Ragnheiður Ösp


Ragnheiður Ösp is a young artist from Iceland that makes some pretty fantastical work that I am totally falling in love with. Her piece Aromaalarm is so beautiful you get to wake up and go to sleep with sweet smells what could be better then that. I love people that can get down with magic and live it. Love it, love it, love it. Check out her web site .

Some say I'm crazy. A Ode to Blythe

More then anything I wish I had a Blythe doll. My friends have said that if I got a Blythe doll I would stop bathing never leave the house and sew ridiculous tiny clothing all day long. This might be half true. All and all I love them. They are just the most beautiful dolls that I have ever seen. Some day I will own one and change her eye colors to match her outfit and do her hair and take vacation pictures with her . Oh what a life I will lead.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My make believe Luxe Christmas List

If I could have fancy things I would make my boyfriend buy me this Cartier Love bracelet for Christmas but with the pink diamond (not depicted in the picture above). About $5,000.
I would also dec out my house in Merrimekko fabric like these ones below.

Not to mention I would get a pack of grayhound's and a beautiful country house so they could run about my property. (oh yeah and I would not be allergic to them as well)

I would also replace my knock-off Eero Saarinen Tulip chair with the real thing. I especially like these black ones with colored seat covers. $1,038 each.

more wish list to come soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Okay call me crazy, call me what you will. I have a box of odd art supplies sitting in the corner of the studio and I decided to make these clothespin dolls on my day off instead of cleaning the house. I think I had way to much fun. I also made a Sargent pepper-esque dude with a felt blue coat and frilly white shirt and matching floral pants to go with the groovy girl but unfortunately his face got a little smudged so he got his photograph privalages taken away.
I think making childish things are a great way to get back in to creating after being in a rut I highly recommend it. All I used to make these girls was
-wooded clothing pins
-fabric scraps
-pipe cleaners
-hot glue
-paint markers (btw that muff is made of real wool if you were wondering.)

Monday, September 15, 2008

two new little ones!

Today was the perfect day to make the cork dolls because a cold front just blew in to Austin and its a wee bit chilly even for small objects! This pattern is so easy and fun, a perfect way to welcome the fall.<3 Laura

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I recently made a series of mini botanical water color paintings on cardboard . There all about 1 inch by 2inch drawings . I was inspired by my moms' collection of botanical prints in the house I grew up in in Connecticut. Check out let me know what you think!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cork or Korknisser

While waiting for my Miley Cyrus download (true story) I stumbled upon this really cool knitting pattern for a little cork doll in a sweater and hat from the Netherlands called a Korknisser on Saarteje knits blog. Click here for the link!

Friday, September 12, 2008

purple faze

I've been up to a lot of studio organizing lately and feeling very domestic to say the lest. I finally got an inspiration board from target 4 tiles for 5 bucks! (as seen above). I've started a new body of work that I'm feeling pretty good about which I will post soon. I know your tired of me posting about flowers but I saw a Martha Stewart flower arrangement that involved carnations which was beautiful. I thought man carnations really are they not the flower dubbed tacky by myself and many people? Well any way I went to the grocery store and found these beautiful ($4) carnations and these other flowers which are nameless right now in a deep purple shades and made these two beautiful arrangements . Yeah carnations my new flower of choice!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trippin' 08

Hello I'm back from vaca and about to share some of my favorite things I spotted traveling around from Connecticut, Kansas City to Brooklyn, NY!

I went to a really cute engagement party for two of my best friends from growing up . Aimee made these really delicious almond flavored cup cakes from scratch. But what every one went crazy for was these chocolate A's to adorn the tops! She cleverly created them by printing out the letter put it behind wax paper and then with a pastry bag and melted chocolate made these little toppers. (Aimee and Adam get it? ok just checking.) Another thing I love besides seeing all my friends where these really great flower center pieces that were on all the tables at the barbecue.

When my family and I went to Kansas City for my cousin Robin's wedding we spent some time at the Nelson Atkins Museum which was pretty beautiful and awesome not to mention great architecture.

Baby Knoll chair!

Back in Brooklyn I hopped on the G train over to P.S.1. They have this amazing show up right now in there courtyard that I completely fell in love with called Young Architects Program 2008: P.F.1 (Public Farm One). Check it out for yourself!

Monday, August 25, 2008

get back get back

back from vacation(s) please stand, more to come soon! <3 Laura K. A

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Stars Shine For You.

I started this little star sampler when I was living in Brooklyn a few months ago and I finally finished it. I love sewing and since I don't have a sewing machine here in Austin yet, of course all I want to do is sew. It's been fun to pick up something and work on it every now and then and don't have to worry when it will be finished. I was inspired by my grandmas quilt squares and little bits of folk art. Plus I have endless amount of colors in my embroidery floss box and wanted to make something that showed a bunch of those different colors. I also embroidered on muslin which is a cheap cotton that you can by at all fabric stores. With a embroidery hoop to aid me of course.

All I did was draw out the star I wanted to make in pencil and chain stitched over it. Chain stitch is basically making a stitch and bringing the needle back up through the stitch you just made from the back of the fabric like a chain get it? I also did some stars in a running stitch which is the dotted line stitch you see.

To finish of the star sampler wall hanging style what I did was fold over the edges twice and used straight pins to pin the sides in place. The next thing I did on the back was I slip stitched the seams closed which is a technique used to hem garments. You basically take the needle and go in to the fold and then pick up the other piece of fabric (the back side of the design) by making a very tiny stitch. After that I made two little loops of red embroidery floss and attached them to the back in order to hang the sampler on the wall.

And here it is hanging above Greg's book shelf in our bedroom. I hope this project inspires you to hand sew something. Um.... reach for the stars??

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

who can print? you can print!

So I'll let it be known that I've been in denial about starting to print again. I keep thinking about how I can print in my home with out ruining the water table and my health and not to mention with out buying a ton of supplies that I don't have money for right now. So, I went to the potato as a last resort (a sweet potato nonetheless) ,and as I do with any thing I make I struggled. I went through about 4 half's of potato till I got the hang of it. (I suggest drawing out your design before jumping the gun like me.) I ended up making a set of four cards and here is what you need to make it in your home!

-1 Big Potato
-Thick Paint or Speedball Acrylic Block Printing Ink
-Some Cheapo Wood Cutting Tools
-A Little Brayer (Optional)
-Paper / I used blank note cards
-Markers or something to color with
-Paper Plate or something to work your ink on

1. lay NEWS PAPER over your working surface (kitchen table works the best I find). lay out supplies.

2. Cut POTATO in half and draw design on to it. Cut out negative space with your little KNIFE.
You might want to try printing a few times to check if the shape looks right or if you need to cut any extra lines.

3. To start printing squeeze INK out on to paper plate. Now there are two ways to do this, one you could spread ink out as thin as you can with a knife and just stick the potato in it and try to print by just stamping the potato on your PAPER. I find this too sloppy for me so I pick up some ink on the BRAYER and roll it out on to the news print so I have a flat film covering my brayer and then roll it over my image on my potato. then press the potato down to the paper in a repeated pattern.

Tip: You can only make a print twice before the ink fades out and you need to re-ink your 'tato. Or you can use this to your advantage by making a fade out design!

4. Once your done set your prints aside to dry about 15-20 mins. (or if you live in Texas like me 10mins.) Clean your brayer of with dish soap and hot water. Gather that newspaper and paper plate and throw away.(If your done printing).
When your done drying your prints go in and add hand coloring if you want. On my prints I used water color MARKERS to color in the interiors of my shapes.

5. Looks like your done! You made a potato print!

<3 Laura D./ K. A.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Flower Power

Sooooooo.... this is my very first post on our Two Laura's Blog! Laura W. and I have been talking about launching this blog all summer. We are excited to share ideas/design/art/crafts with you!

The most recent project I did was four different flower arrangements. I bought two bouquets of flowers from the grocery store and mixed and matched them in different containers all over my house. I spent a while trying to arrange a few of these beautiful little bouquets which can be a lot more finicky then they look. But all and all very therapeutic and fun (makes me want to move to Japan and go to school for flower arranging, maybe, but not really).

This arrangement I made for the bedroom. I used a recycled Pom tea glass!

I used a empty medicine container to make a mini arrangement on Greg's night stand.
which is very mini a cute.

For the living room I placed a bouquet of just yellow flowers in a jar on the t.v. tray.

And in the kitchen I put both flowers in a little mug on the table!

And the best part is these kind of flowers what every they are called lasted 2 full weeks and I only spent $8!! Cheap and cheery solution to beat the summer blues.

<3 Laura D.